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Risitibox is a comprehensive mobile app that revolutionizes receipt management. By digitizing and centralizing the storage of purchase receipts, it offers users a convenient, secure, and efficient solution to organize, access, and share receipts.



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Easy Access

By digitizing and centralizing receipt storage, Risitibox provides easy access to receipts whenever needed. Instead of sifting through stacks of papers or folders, users can simply open the app on their phone, search for a specific receipt, and retrieve it instantly. This efficient retrieval process saves valuable time and effort compared to the traditional method of manual filing.


Risitibox also offers a collaborative feature that allows users to add their colleagues or team members to their account. This means that anyone within the organization can scan and file receipts directly to the company's shared account. This collaborative approach ensures that all receipts are efficiently managed and readily available to authorized personnel, enhancing workflow and eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing important receipts.


The app provides valuable reporting functionalities. Users can generate reports based on specific date ranges and expense categories. This feature enables users to gain insights into their spending habits, track expenses over time, and make informed financial decisions. By organizing receipts based on categories, such as travel, office supplies, or meals, users can easily identify areas of high expenditure and optimize their budget accordingly.

VAT accounting

Differentiating between receipts with VAT and those without VAT is crucial in the RisitiBox app. After scanning a receipt, the app provides a convenient check button to confirm whether the receipt includes VAT. This feature plays a vital role in accurately calculating the VAT value or amount for seamless integration into accounting processes. By clearly distinguishing between VAT and non-VAT receipts, RisitiBox ensures precise financial calculations and facilitates efficient accounting practices

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Born in Tanzania, our visionary mission is to establish an eco-friendly ecosystem for paperless receipts, catering to businesses while championing environmental conservation.


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Manage it all, in this all new system.